A cooper colored exclamation point

I am Kat Newell, a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Fresno, California. I have experience with Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop, InDesign, Figma, Webflow, and Blender.

I can help you with your social media graphics and animations, logo design, branding packaging, Photoshop, dynamic documents, and more.

A black and white picture of a woman with short hair with a coppered colored diamond shape in the back ground.
Kat Newell Designs Logo. White K and N over lapping each other with a copper colored triangle in the empty space formed by the letters on the right side. The copper triangle hides the letters A and T.

Before anyone ever reads your marketing post, advertisement, company name, poster, flyer, or other document they look to see if its presentation is visually interesting. Get your target audience to look long enough to read your product/ marketing material by making sure your company passes the first look test by implementing good design. The second part of good design is making sure that the average audience member can understand what you want to communicate to them. Does the hierarchy of information make sense? Do the images and iconography help the readability and clarify new information? Does the tone and vibe match your target audience? The third part of good design in branding and brand recognition. Do all your various marketing materials look like they belong to the same company? Is your messaging consistent across all platforms? If not there is no hope for achieving brand recognition.

Let me help you achieve your goals by helping you to address your design needs.

Lets work

A cooper colored exclamation point

Feel free to leave me a message via the form, or you can get a hold of me at katnewelldesigns@gmail.com

Lets create something beautiful and inspiring together.

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