Lunar New Year Animated Carousel

Objection: Create a four panel animated graphic panel for Lunar New Year. The first should say happy lunar new years and the rest should include facts about lunar new year.

Programs used: After Effects, Illustrator

Design Concept: Red and gold are used heavily in decorations for lunar new years so these were chosen as my base colors. A paper texture was give to the red back ground to give the back ground a envelope feel reminiscent of the red envelopes given out in celebration of lunar new year cherry blossoms and decorative boarders are place on every slide for continuity between the graphics. The additional decorations on each page correspond with the text on that page with the rabbit being on the front slide as well because it was the year of the rabbit.

Martin Luther King Jr. Animation Graphic

Objective: Create a animated graphic using an audio quote from Martin Luther King Jr. To be placed on Bitwise Industries stories pages.

Programs used: After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop

Design Concept: I wanted the animation to have a eye catching pop are feel. I created a Shepard Fairey style pop art style image of MLK to draw attention to his face. The background rays draw attention form the top of the page back to MLK. In the back ground behind the text a clip of a BLM protest crossing a bridge  is playing further affirming that Martin Luther King Jr.’s cause is as important today as it was during his time. A grainy texture has been added to the graphic so that the visual image matches the grainy quality of the audio.

Grid Logo Animation

Objective: Create a black and white animation of the Bitwise Industries logo. Have the Logo change from black on a white background to white on a black background. Include and entrance and exit for the logo. This will be used as part of a larger grid of animations done by other graphic designers with the same premise.

Programs used: After Effects

Design concept: I wanted the  animations to look like the ripples in disturbed water shifting the animation form white to black.

3D Logo Animation- Shroom Shine

Objective: Using Blender create a 3D animation of a logo.

Programs used: Blender, Illustrator

Design concept: I chose to make a 3D animation of a logo I had made before for Shroom Shine. The original logo included metallic lettering; I wanted to explore the metallic setting in blender on those letters. I also wanted to show the potential for turning 2D illustration in 3D renderings in the case of the mushroom.

ContemPlate Menu Board Animation

Objective: Create an animation for the vertical menu TV at ContemPlate. Include the name logo, address, icon, hours of operation, an announcement for our ordering app, and advert for our daily special. Make the animation eye catching but readable.

Programs used: After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop

Design concept: I wanted the animations to play in a way that allowed the view to digest the information in  a logical order starting with the name of the eatery.  The image of the dish tilts out in such a way that it appears that it is being tipped towards the viewer to receive a better look at the dish. The animation also includes a long enough pause after the animation that the board is easily readable.

National Donut Day Animation
Objective: Create and animation for Instagram to help Bitwise Industries celebrate National Donut Day.

Programs used: After Effects, Illustrator

Design concept: I was inspired by The Simpsons, and Homer Simpsons obsession with donuts. I wanted to make it rain donuts and use a big pink donut to display the national Donut Day  announcement. I added sprinkles in varying shades of Bitwise blue to add a little Bitwise Industries branding to the donut.  The big floating puffy clouds are done in The Simpsons style as well as the intro text being in Simpsons font.
Quote Graphic

Objective: Create a animated graphic that animates the quote by Irma Olguin Jr. word for word in time with her speech. Use Bitwise Branding.

Programs used: After Effects, Photoshop

Design concept: The speech is about Irma’s success going from a small rule town to a larger metropolitan area and how this has inspired her to help other people like her to succeeded. To make the speech come to life I have video clips running in the back that sweep form a rule area to Fresno. This emphasizes both Irma’s transformation and the path she took to do so. The back ground music is intended to be hopeful like the message. The foreground graphics are simple and professional so as not to take away form the message.

Buffalo Animated Sticker
Objective: Create a animated social media sticker to be used on Instagram to promote the opening of a Bitwise Industries location in Buffalo NY. Keep with Bitwise branding.

Programs used: After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop

Design concept: I was inspired by the iconic Shea’s theater sign in Buffalo, NY. I made the sticker in the same shape as the sign with “Shea’s” being replaced with the Bitwise Industries logo. The animation is simple lighting up affect of the sign to bring attention to the sticker with out too much movement.
Cowork Animated Sticker
Objective: Create a animated sticker for Cowork that shows the benefits of a Cowork membership. Used Cowork branding. This will be used on Instagram to promote Cowork.

Programs used: After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop

Design concept: The idea was to have the “W” in Cowork to act as a flipping coin that changes to the icons of each of the benefits.
Vote So Hard Instagram Sticker
Objective: Create a Instagram sticker to promote National Voter Registration Day. Use their branding colors.

Programs used: After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop

Design concept: I wanted the “v” in vote to look like some one is checking a option on a voting ballot.  I wanted the sticker to look like a badge so I  added a shine that sweeps across the badge for added motion.