Logos / Brand Guides
The Central Post Logo & Brand Guide
Objective: Create a logo and brand guide for the Bitwise Industries new restaurant that is being opening in the Jefferson Building in Toledo, OH. Be sure to include a mood board as the mood board and logo design will be used to influence the design of the restaurant. The restaurant will function as a coffee shop and eatery during the day and a craft beer and wine bar with a dinner menu at night. Keep in mind the historic design of the Jefferson Building.

Programs used: Illustrator, Photoshop

Design Concept: The intricate design for the Jefferson Building inspired my to design a art deco style logo. The hops was added to the logo and icon indicate the bar atmosphere of the restaurant. The flourishes and square rings help to give the logo and art deco feel. The logo font was chosen to give both a bar feel and art deco feel. The secondary fonts and color pallet were chose to continue the art deco feel.
Presto Vending Logo/ Mini Brand Guide
Objective: Create a logo for Presto Vending a vending machine company. The owner would like the logo to have a magic theme. Include a mini brand guide.

Programs used: Illustrator

Design Concept: Presto sounds a lot like pronto, so I had the idea to do a logo that was fingers snapping. Snapping fingers are also a common gesture in magic shows. The Font was chosen to give a vintage magic show feel. The colored version has a  gradient of blues, purples and yellow to enhance the mystical properties, and give a feel of the snapping being powerful. The secondary font was chosen toe complement the logo font and continue the vintage feel.
Retro-Fiets Brand Guide
Objective: Imagine a company and create a logo and brand guide for that company.

Programs used: Illustrator, Photoshop

Design Concept: My idea for the company is a bicycle company that specializes in transforming old bicycle into electric bicycle while also offering bicycle repairs and sells already upgraded bicycles as well as bicycle accessories and parts. The name Retro-Fiets was chosen because it sounds like retrofit but also is a node to retro bicycles, a niche in the bicycle community, and fiets the Dutch work for bicycle. The logo is designed to look like a art deco version of the top of a street lamp but with a modern twist. The lamp representing a brighter future for mankind by reducing car emissions by switching to electric bicycles. The lamp is representative a park lamp representing increased outdoor activities.  The logo font and the secondary fonts are chosen to go with the art deco theme. I wanted to go with a art deco theme because I wanted the company to appeal to working professionals as an alternative to car use rather then appealing to sporty people.
Top Deck Logo Design
Objective: Create 2 logos for the Top Deck Salesforce Alphaworks apprenticeship to choose between. Make the logo nautical themed.

Programs used: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign

Design Concept: I was inspired by old wooden sailing ships and drew specific inspiration from anchors and helm wheels, as well as traditional American sailor tattoos. In the first Logo design I chose to use both the anchor and the helm wheel with the intertwined banner stating the Salesforce motto. The second logo is done more simply with greater focus on traditional American tattoo design. It also includes a font used for “Top Deck” that is common in American tattoo design.
top left: picture of and anchor under water. Top right the words "top deck" written tree time in different fonts. Middle: three pictures of old wooden boat steering wheels. Bottom left: five different etchings of old anchors. Bottom right: drawing of a banner.