Web Design
Landing Page Mockup
Objective: Redesign the “about us” and “white paper” pages to match the rest of the updated website. Pay close attention to new design elements and formatting.

Programs used: Illustrator, Photoshop

Design concept: I paid close attention to the diagonal lines and large color block used for the hero elements in the new design and emulated that in my design. On the white paper page I turned the article and testimonial sections into carousels to save space and allow for the element to display larger on the screen.
National Apprenticeship Web-Page
Objective: Create an updated hero image for 2022 National Apprenticeship week, make is similar to last years but unique. Redesign the National Apprenticeship Week web-page using the new hero image. Keep in mind the new style changes for the updated Bitwise Industries website.

Programs used: Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop

Design concept: For the hero image I wanted to incorporate diagonal design elements being used on the new website so I had all the images and design elements set at a slant. I created new icons for the web-page to better illustrate the concepts that they represent and inject some of Bitwise Industries’’ personality into them. The top left icon has stickers added to the computer to represent the programmer culture of Bitwise. The top right icon has both people and hands shaking representing showing that Bitwise partnerships are also about people not just profit. The bottom left icon has multiple people in front of the instructor to show the cooperative approach that Bitwise Industries has to learning. The video clips have all been added to carousels that are labeled by category to save space and allow larger viewing area. Design elements are designed to maintain interest in the page as you scroll down and maintain the authentic of the hero image.
Landing Page Mockup
Objective: Look at the current Bitwise Industries landing page. Redesign the page to your one liking keeping some form of the major elements.

Programs used: Figma, Photoshop

Design concept: I wanted a bright simplified web page that was easy to navigate and understand what is offered at a glance. The hero image was designed to let the viewer know at a glance that this has to do with computers and coding. Bright images with smiling people were chosen for all but the office space section. The office space image is one from their Bakersfield loction with easily encompasses the atmosphere and intention the space. Decorative lines were added throughout to brake up spaces and add a professional element to the design.